Team Sessions

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What are Team Sessions?

Team Sessions are bespoke workshops specifically designed for a group of people, usually a team or an organisation.

What do they cover?

That depends on the needs of the team or organisation but recent ones have included:

  • Communication Skills – Understanding the psychology of communication to improve business relationships
  • Everyday Stress Survival and Emotional Resilience – Tools and techniques to ensure work/life balance
  • Confidence for Small Business Owners – helping business owners grow in confidence to promote their business successfully
  • Goal Setting – Identifying goals including the why, action steps and timeframes and creating accountability
  • Wellbeing – taking a mindful approach to looking after ourselves so we can look after others
  • NLP – beginners guide to Neuro Linguistic Programming and how it can benefit you and your organisation.

What are the benefits of Team Sessions?

Teams in a work environment are increasingly under more and more pressure. Very often, in the current climate, the focus is not so much on supporting the team but surviving each day.  Team sessions help you to address this by improving:

  • Working relationships. Enabling teams to better understand both themselves, their colleagues and their clients helps strengthen working relationships within and between teams and also with clients. 
  • Communication – understanding their own and others needs can aid the communication within and between teams and to build better relationships with customers.
  • Team morale – time getting to know each other better can help them to bond more as a team.
  • Creativity – a bit of headspace allows creativity to flow!
  • Motivation – investing in the team, helps build momentum and can motivate them to invest their energy and focus in their work.
  • Workplace satisfaction – can lead to a reduction of sickness absence and turnover.

How long are the sessions?

These sessions can be run as “sound bites” in 30 mins, up to full day sessions or a series of sessions depending on your needs and time available.

I’m interested in finding out more, what do I do?

For an informal chat on a bespoke workshop for your team, contact me here.