Here are some free resources for you to download:

I was recently on BBC Radio Bristol talking about doing reviews and goal setting so if you’d like a little bit of inspiration, have a listen and then there are some sheets below for you to download and use.

Awesome You – Life Review

How often do we think about our achievements?  Not often enough I reckon!  Very often clients say to me “Oh I haven’t got enough skills/knowledge etc to do that”  but when we start looking at everything they’ve done and all the achievements they’ve had they get a different perspective.  This document helps you do that and from it you can look for themes and use it to design where you want your life to go next!

Awesome You – Life review!

Year Review

How’s 2018 been for you?  What have been your highs and lows?   What are you most proud of?  What lessons have you learnt and what are you grateful for?
This review document allows you to put that all down on paper so you have your year in a snapshot! 

Year review 2018

Goal Setting and  **FREE ** accountability check in

What do you want to achieve in 2019?  Goals help to give you a focus but without a plan they are pretty much just dreams!  So, what do you need to actually do to achieve them and in what timeframe?

Here’s a sheet you can use to detail your goals and the steps you  need to take and when. If you’d like some accountability to help you keep focused, email me your sheet at & I’ll send you an occasional email to see how you’re progressing!

NB – it’s absolutely ok to update the goal as you go, things do change and flexibility can be key!

Goal Setting 

Wellbeing Tracker

To help you keep track of your wellbeing – there are spaces to fill in your self care activities and an area to monitor your mood levels to see the impact on your overall wellbeing!

Em-powering Change Wellbeing Tracker