Memberships & Courses



Mindset Mastery for Dog Agility Enthusiasts! This is for you if:

  • You want to achieve more with your dog
  • You struggle to keep a clear head at a competition
  • You lose focus on the course
  • Your mind goes blank on the start line
  • Your dog behaves differently at a show compared to training
  • You want to enjoy competing but find it emotionally exhausting!

This 6 month programme will empower you to improve these areas and build your confidence through the support of the coaches & the group.

Suitable for experienced handlers wanting to rethink and improve their show experience as well as complete newbies to the competitive environment.

Available online or in person to ensure anyone can join us and make the changes they want and need!!


Are you feeling overwhelmed, lost your way, don’t know where to start or feel stuck?  This is for you!  

Life has been tough recently, the last few years have brought us all many challenges and changes and no doubt there are more ahead.  You might want to keep up to date with the news but that only leads you to feeling more stressed out and anxious.  

Turn that off, grab a coffee and a biscuit and have a look through this *FREE* guide to 7 easy ways to EMPOWER you to go from stressed out to stress free, being able to manage your mindset to achieve calm and focus on what you want to achieve.


Shift Your Mindset Membership

Online group sessions. Designed to help busy women work out who they actually are, what they want, how to achieve it all whilst achieving calm in a busy world.

Running for over 5 years now, these are brilliant way to start shifting your mindset and meet new friends.

Business Bum Kick Membership

Online group sessions for entrepreneurs looking to start up their business or to take it to the next level.

The sessions are a mix of goal setting, accountability, networking and training.