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Emma’s Story

I’ve always been interested in people and became fascinated in the interaction between Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication during my Media Studies A’ Level which lead me on to complete a Psychology degree at Reading University.  Knowing that I wanted to use it to help people, but feeling I needed to get some life experience first, I joined the Royal Navy!

Seven years later, having gained a lot of experience within the Navy, I decided to see what life was like civvy side and left, going to work in HR for a District Council.

Outside of work, I got married and a few years later, after a couple of miscarriages, Ollie arrived.  After maternity leave, I returned to work and following a merger with the County Council I took up a role as Change Manager on an ERP implementation concentrating first on HR and payroll then laterly taking over the Change Management for the Finance, Procurement and Reporting Functions.

A move to Somerset and the arrival of a daughter meant a change of role and I became a Practice Manager for a GP surgery.  

It was during this time that I started my “Get Fit for Forty” campaign and, after shedding a pound or two, I found a lump which was subsequently diagnosed as breast cancer.  Thankfully after surgery and a course of radiotherapy I was deemed “able to get on with life”.  But I quickly realised that the physical scars heal faster than the emotional ones.  I decided to return to psychology and in particular Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to help me process and heal those emotional scars.

In order to do this, I completed first my (NLP) Practitioner qualification and quickly followed this with the Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy courses.  Realising the potential of the tools and techniques in NLP to help people achieve the changes they wanted in their lives, I then completed my NLP Master Practitioner qualification.

At this point I felt I had enough life experience and it was time to return to the original plan of helping other achieve their dreams and potential and I set up Em-Powering Change.  

Now, every day I feel grateful for all my experiences as they got me to a point where I get to do a job I love, believe in and get a great deal of satisfaction from, whether that is coaching on a 1 to 1 basis or with groups or businesses running team sessions or supporting them through the process of change. 

If you’d like some help to make the changes you want to make in your life or business, I’d love to hear from you (contact me here), in the meantime, thanks for reading!





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