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Mindset Mastery – 7 Mindset Tips from Wimbledon! 🎾

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Did you watch Wimbledon? I’ve managed to watch a fair few matches and it’s been making me think of all the mindset tips we can take and adapt to our own lives…

7 Top Mindset Tips from Wimbledon:

  1. Stay in the moment – you can fist pump a genius shot or shout an expletive at a miss hit but then you have to let that go, take a breath and be in the moment for the next shot.
  2. Small changes makes a big impact – small incremental changes are the difference between winning and losing.
  3. For every amazing shot there are many more mundane ones – don’t give up, the next unbelievable drop shot is possible and just around the corner!
  4. Belief – believe that you can absolutely do something.
  5. Practice – if there’s something you want to do, put the time in.
  6. Learn – what went well, what could you do better, what needs a bit of work or a new approach?
  7. Rest and recuperate – after a big day, give yourself time to recover

You may have noticed others, what would you add?

You certainly don’t have to be a top sports person to adopt these mindset tips and apply them to your life and your challenges – even if you start with one, it could make a big difference – which will you start with?

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