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The Power of a Good Sleep and How to Have One!


You know you feel better after a good night’s sleep, better able to cope with the world around you and whatever it throws at you….  Specifically you might notice you:

  • Get less stressed
  • Feel happier
  • Make better food choices
  • Are more inclined to exercise
  • Are more productive during the day
  • Improved memory

So, knowing all that, why do you stay up to watch the end of the film you’ve watched 10 times before and you can get on iplayer or loose hours scrolling through your phone?


There may be a number of reasons, if you’re like me, you might tell yourself it’s your downtime after a busy day, especially with the light nights and the children staying up ever later….

So, how do we beat the cycle and up our number of hours asleep?

Here are 6 ideas to get you started:

  1. Set an alarm – often we’re just “zoning out” in front of a screen, having an alarm brings us out of the zone and reminds you it’s time for bed!  Having a regular bed time helps our body to create a good routine for sleep too.
  2. Turn off screens – turning screens of an hour or more before bed gives your brain time to wind down and get ready for sleep.
  3. Create your ideal daily routine – starting with wake up times to get your day off to the start you want.  In mine I like to have some time before everyone else is up to get my head in the right space for the day.  Having a dog who wakes up early is handy too as she gets me out for a walk at daybreak! Time for breakfast is important and if you find you’re stuck in a toast in hand as you dash out of the door routine, it’s worth looking at recipes you can make in advance maybe bacon and egg muffins or shredded wheat fridge cake.
  4. Get some exercise – often we’re mentally drained but there’s substantial evidence that physical exercise helps us sleep and particularly increases the amount of deep sleep which is great for helping us empty our “stress buckets”
  5. Read a book / listen to a meditation – reading an actual book can help you nod off to sleep.  For some people though this can be stimulating so maybe mix it up and listen to an audio book or meditation.  I like apps like Headspace and Breathe to help me check in and relax.
  6. Make a list – If you’ve got lots going in your head, making a list gets it out.  You can then relax, safe in the knowledge you’ve written down what you need to remember.

Aha, perfect timing, my alarm has just gone off so it’s time for me to switch of the screen and wish you all a good night’s sleep Zzzz ……

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