A Woman’s Lot!

This blog was sparked by a recent conversation with my Mum.  A fantastic lady, who’s always there fore me, a statement she uttered gave me a sudden jolt and an insight and understanding about a hidden belief that I had been carrying around with me, probably since childhood.

It started when I joked that my husband was looking forward to half-term and some time off and I was thinking I couldn’t really remember my last time properly “off”.  Her response was “Well, you’d better get used to it, that’s just a woman’s lot”.

Just say NO!

My first reaction was – How depressing!!  Then I got thinking, was that my underlying belief?  Was that why I find it hard to switch off and always find something to do?  Well, if it is, then thank you Mum for helping bring that to my awareness and giving me the opportunity to review it and make some belief changes!

So how could I update my beliefs to serve me better in the world I live in?  I decided on the following:

* It’s ok for women to have time off

* I NEED to do nothing sometimes

* Women don’t have to do everything!

I got started practicing these straight away, to help my new beliefs embed.  As I left for work on the Monday morning, leaving my husband with the small folk, I concentrated on getting myself ready and not rushing around sorting the dishwasher, laundry, and so on before I dashed out of the door.  It was soooo liberating!  Not to mention I was a lot calmer and more in a “ready for work” mindset.  

On my return home, all was well in the house and food was being prepared.  It certainly showed that I don’t need to do everything.  My husband is very capable but, if I’m honest,   I just don’t give him the chance to crack on do things as his time frame isn’t quite the same as mine…. I’m working on that!

Since then I’ve been making sure I continue my new way of thinking.  Yes,  it can be difficult to have time properly off,  I’ve found being self-employed brings additional challenges in this area but I recognise how important it is to have down time.  It doesn’t need to be weeks at a time, even a few minutes makes a massive different. I’ve done this by scheduling my time so I know when I’m working, when I’m doing house chores and when I’m re-charging my batteries!    

So my message to you, especially on International Women’s Day is …..

Mix it up ladies!!!

Watch out for those hidden mindsets and beliefs instilled in us from an early age (albeit with love), which no longer serve the modern woman and get yourself some shiny new ones!!  

Now, I’m off for a coffee and read of a magazine!

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