Eat that frog!!


“If your job is to eat a live frog, eat it first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” 

Mark Twain 

I tried explaining this metaphor to my 8-year-old son when dragging him to town for the dreaded school shoe shop but he couldn’t get past the fact that he thought I was actually going to make him eat frogs!!

Obviously I wasn’t but I really wanted him to grasp that if you get the worst job out the way first, then the day can only get better.

I guess that goes for all of us too.  How many of you wake up thinking about that thing that you’ve been putting off doing? Or keep adding it to the bottom of your ever-growing to do list?

Go on, admit it – I’m sure pretty sure it’s not just me who manages to find some really inane way to distract myself from that job I don’t really want to do….

But how many minutes, hours or more do you lose thinking about that thing, procrastinating & distracting yourself?  I know I wouldn’t want to work that out.  Well, not right now, I’ll save that until I have a job I want to avoid….! 😉

Very often though, once we actually sit down to do that thing we’ve been putting off, it doesn’t take that long and we wonder why we didn’t do it earlier….

So, my question to you is, do you want some time back? Right then, what’s that job/task that you’ve been putting off?

Now go eat that frog!

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