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Is it time to check in?


With the leaves turning brown and more than a hint of autumn in the air, the new academic year is about to start.  There’s a buzz of excitement, (I don’t think that’s just the parents…..) of new things to come, new opportunities and also the joy of seeing friends you haven’t seen over the summer. It feels like the start of a new phase, the next stage of the journey.

The air of expectancy has reminded me of a conversation I had recently with a lovely lady who told me that she had always wanted to be the Mum in the playground, to be there when her children got out of school and so she’d got a job working nights.  It was exhausting for her but she was there to drop off and pick up every day, just as she had intended.  Life carried on until one day she realised that the children had left home and she was still working nights…..  Although she loved the job, she didn’t need to be working those difficult hours anymore – what a revelation!  A successful job interview later and she has a fabulous new job working more sociable hours but it got me thinking, how many of us carry on regardless?

How many of us do what we do because it fits around our commitments, it doesn’t have to be kids, it can be other family members, animals, it might be because it is convenient or we feel we’re in a pension trap or we’d be letting others down if we weren’t there.    This isn’t just about work though, how many of us carry on regardless with friendships, relationships, routines, doing things just because we always have irrespective of how they serve us or make us feel?

ClockWhatever the reason, how often do we take the time to check in with ourselves and see if we’re where we want to be?  Is there something else we want to do or be?

Not often enough I think!


So, I’d like to invite you to find somewhere peaceful to sit, where you won’t be disturbed.  Then pause, take a breath and spend 10 minutes to check in with yourself and ask yourself these 7 questions:

7 Check in questions

  1. What’s going well in my life?
  2. What could be better?
  3. Is there anything I need to let go of?
  4. What lifts my soul and fills me with joy?
  5. How can I do more of that?
  6. Where do I want to go/What or who do I want to be?
  7. What’s one step I can take towards doing or being that?Wild flowers

Congratulations on taking the time to check in?  How was it?  What did you learn?

Spending time thinking and checking in might, to some, seem a waste of 10 minutes in a busy day when there’s so much to do, but it might just be the most important 10 minutes of your life…..

If this has inspired a passion in you to make some changes and you want to delve deeper into creating your fabulous new life contact me for a specially designed one to one session. 

Good luck on the next part of your adventure!

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