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Why have a coach?

People often ask me do I have a coach and why? What do they offer? Well, yes, I do.  Not all the time and not always the same person.  Does that sound strange?  Well, the way I think of it is, who do I want to work with for the area I want to be coached in and I go with my instinct as to who is the right person for me at that time.   So, when might be the times that I invest in a coach?  Here are 4 of mine:

1. I have a decision to make

At times, when I’ve reached a crossroads in life and I’ve discovered I¬†just can’t hear my inner voice or connect with my intuition to work out my options. ¬†Talking things through with someone unconnected with my everyday life has helped me to cut through the white noise of life and work out the options available to me and what initial direction I want to take.


my-plan.jpg2. I need to create goals and be accountable

When juggling work, family, health and all the issues we face today, I’ve, at times, needed¬†space to be able to work out my priorities, goal set and plan. ¬†We can do this on our own but I always find the added accountability of a follow up with a coach increases my chances of keeping up my motivation and ultimately the likelihood of achieving success.

3. I discover a “blocker” about a specific issue e.g. money or relationships

Working with a coach has been so useful to help me work out my values around a number of key areas such as money and relationships.

We¬†might think we know ourselves but we can often avoid asking ourselves¬†those¬†difficult questions and ignore any answers that come up which we don’t like. ¬†That’s not so easy when someone else is asking the questions and reflecting back to you…

lightbulb moment

I love the lightbulb moment of “Aha, that’s why I do or think that!”

With this increased awareness of my values, I can then work out if they are still useful for me or if I need to readdress them.


4. An issue comes up that needs to be worked through in a safe, non-judgmental environment.


Sometimes a thought, particularly negative ones, might be going¬†round and round in my head and I realise I need to get it out and work through it. ¬†Occasionally friends or family can help with this but often, there’s things which you just don’t want to say to anyone in your inner circle.

Additionally, they might be inclined to head into solution mode, when actually you just need someone to actively listen and not include their own thoughts or agenda!

As a final note, being coached helps me to be a better coach, business owner, wife, mum and, not least, friend as it enables me to understand myself better and those around me.  

If you’d like to find out more about how coaching could help you, please do get in contact. ¬†You can email me on, fill in a contact form¬†or connect with me on Facebook at¬†


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