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What’s special about 28th March 1986?

Can you think of anything?  It wasn’t the day that Diana died or when England won the World Cup.   A quick check of Google will tell you that it was a Friday and Lady Gaga was born that day and not much else other than we were watching things like; The Equalizer, The Golden Girls, She-Ra: Princess of Power, ThunderCats and Charles in Charge, remember those?

I was 10 years old at the time and it was just a usual day at school.  I don’t remember what I learnt in class that day or what I had for lunch, but I do remember the assembly.

Sitting uncomfortably on the floor in the hall, I watched as the Head wrote the date on the board and we were asked the same question – What’s special about 28 March 1986?  After lots of guesses, he told us simply that this day is special because it will never happen again.

Yes, there would be more 28th of March in coming years but there would never be a “28th March 1986” again.  

Obvious perhaps, but I had never thought about it like that and I remember feeling a mix of emotions as that new awareness sank in.  Some sadness that once a day was gone it was gone but also a sense of liberation of each day being a new day, a special, one off day.  

That awareness has stayed with me and over the years I’ve often thought about that assembly, particularly when days have been especially bad or especially good.  It helps me to remind myself that no matter what has occurred, that each day is a special day, to make the most of it and to look forward to each new day, whatever that may bring….. 



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